No Game is a Given… Nor Should it Be.

As a fan, you have a right to cheer, you have a right to complain and you have a right to be upset or happy. As a fan of a mid-major college program, you do not have a right to wish for kids to see less playing time, publicly insult their game or question their motives.

I’ve seen a lot of this, this year especially, and haven’t really understood why. These students, who happen to represent Fairfield University by playing basketball, are here for a college education. If you want to get on individual players for their performances, start watching the Knicks or the Celtics. Fairfield basketball should be about the atmosphere of the game and the pride one might carry by cheering on their school or alma matter not a life and death situation.

Its almost impossible to not be upset when we lose games, just like its hard to contain excitement when we win, but we shouldn’t focus our anger and frustration at the team or the players. Fans need to approach this with a “we’ll get the next one” attitude not an “it’s all your fault” one.

If a player has a bad game, let them deal with that on their own or in the privacy of the locker room. There is a reason Coach Johnson and his staff pick the people who play and who doesn’t and we must respect their decision. That’s their job. Fans aren’t watching practice everyday or know how an athlete is doing in class or what’s on his mind. A coach is around that player more than anyone so if he wants to play Player X over Player Y, I’m sure his reason is justified.

There’s no question it has been a difficult season, as expectations were high, but you don’t think other teams had high expectations. Iona with Jones transferring and a strong supporting cast returning had high expectations.  St. Peter’s came off a MAAC Tournament victory. They also had high expectations. Rider was predicted to finish top 4 in the MAAC. The list goes on.

Maybe we’re still waiting to hit our potential or maybe we already have and we’re too inconsistent to hang with good teams. You never know. All I can tell you is that every team is trying to win, every coach is trying to coach and every player is trying to play. There are no exceptions. No team would come and compete if they had no chance of winning. Come out and support the Stags on Friday when they take on Niagara and try to view the team differently; as a collective and whole group.

Go Stags.


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One Response to No Game is a Given… Nor Should it Be.

  1. Good for you, for keeping us reminded of our realistic rights and what to expect of the players we love and cheer on watching the game. It keeps the decency of the sport.

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